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Winners of “Get Metier!” Program 2019


Aykorkem received secondary education at a special boarding school №4 named after N. Ostrovsky in Almaty. A strong character trait of Aykorkem is that she is optimistic and never discouraged. She is fascinated by Western literature on psychology, and especially books on the role of the subconscious and the power of positive thinking. Aykorkem is inspired by the examples of successful people such as Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie, Nick Wuychich, tries to apply the gained knowledge in business and nurtures an active person in himself. Aykorkem wants to realize his own business idea – to open a development center for the children of his village, where they could learn leadership, learn foreign languages, etiquette. She devotes her free time to studying English, plays the piano and dombyra. Haykorkem is the second scholarship holder of the Foundation, which receives education thanks to the Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation Alumni Club. She will master management skills at MAB College through charitable donations from Foundation graduates.


Damir graduated from a special boarding school No. 2 of Almaty. Damir is an executive and persistent young man. The close environment knows him as a person who easily finds a common language with his environment. Damir is very respectful of older people and values ​​family ties. At school, he demonstrated success in the humanities. Damir believes that printing and printing is a profitable area, and with the transition to the Latin alphabet, the rating of specialists in this field will increase. Damir chose the specialty “technician-technologist” and will master this profession at the Almaty College of Printing.


Maxim is a graduate of boarding school No. 9 in Almaty. At school, he liked subjects such as Russian, physics, mathematics, attended courses in Russian and mathematics, but he always showed particular interest in programming. Maxim is a neat, hardworking and judicious young man. He reads a lot, is interested in psychology, NLP, studies the influence of the subconscious. Maxim chose the Innovative Technical College, specialty “technician-programmer.”


Yani graduated from boarding school №9 in Almaty. He considers his strong character traits to be a desire to help people, achieve what they have planned, and bring things to the end. A sense of humor helps him cope with life’s difficulties. Yani has an unusual hobby – bike tricks. It not only surprises with its dexterity in the management of BMX, but can independently fix the malfunction. For this, he was nicknamed the “mechanic” in the courtyard. Passion determined the future profession of Yani – he plans to master the specialty “auto electrician”, become a high-class specialist and be a support for his mother.

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