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Our first educational grant

Konstantin Kravchenko
Foundation’s graduate of the 2012
KPMG, Auditor Assistant

“I am very pleased to tell this story, probably, because it is directly related to me as I managed to pass the long way from an entrant to a business expert. All the experience and knowledge which I gained for the last seven years have cardinally changed my life. My name is Konstantin Kravchenko and I am the graduate of Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation. I heard about the Foundation in 2008 when I learned that there is an organization which gives an opportunity to receive a high quality education. I was really surprised because the charity culture in our country was not developed yet, and, to be honest, I had some doubts about the quality of selection. However, I have collected all necessary documents and submitted the application. In general, all the issues the Foundation is engaged in breaks the stereotypes about the charity in Kazakhstan. I still remember how I was invited to the 2nd selection round, how nervous I was during the tasks. It was difficult, but so interesting at the same time; it seemed to me that I am participating in interesting training. I was really surprised when I learned that became a winner of an educational grant that allowed me to study in one of the best universities of Kazakhstan. 

Almost every conscious person in the modern world tries to take responsibility for his environment in some extent. Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation gives excellent opportunities to many gifted children to receive a high quality education, which allowed to find a good job in order to move forward, build a career and develop. The Foundation helps us to create our lives the way they are now. We, scholars, remember our student years with a big pleasure and gratitude. Personally, for me this time really became the best one, we managed to study well, relax and create our volunteer projects. I think about our projects with a big pride, especially our star project “Stilyagi”, which “Tot samyi bar” club. There are no fortuities in our lives, all the things make you better, and they make you to be present here, be real person, who bears responsibility for his life and actions.

I am the Foundation`s graduate of the second “stream”, and during the last year of education I took the internships id different international audit companies. After receiving the diploma, I joined the audit company of Big Four, KPMG. The work demanded a lot of devotion and endurance; I have mastered a lot of things in practice. I thought that all books and notebooks will remain in past, and I will plunge into the work. However, the company demands to support the appropriate qualification level, therefore tests and examinations became an essential part of my life. 

Being the Foundation`s graduate I completely support the mission and strategy of the Foundation in its noble intention to help gifted children wishing to receive high quality education. Few years ago the first graduates launched the idea of the establishment of their own grant supported by employees and the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. Every year new graduates join us. After some years we have collected the sum needed for grant allocation. 

This year the Foundation has invited me and Aslan Adilbekov, graduates year 2013, as experts for grant candidates selection. It was unusual and difficult to be present at the selection as a judge, because we were on the other side of barricade this time. Nevertheless, it was really useful experience in a respect of assessment of people, their behavior, and we hope that we did not make a mistake with a choice of winners. My and Aslan`s main task during the second round was a detection of worthy candidates with such skills as leadership, activity, existence of healthy ambitions. At the end of second tour together with experts the short list of winners was created, and four people were selected, out of them Dariya Amirtai was defined as worthy candidate for receiving a grant from graduates. Dariya has seemed to us as a serious and very ambitious girl with strong leadership skills. This opinion was shared also by other jury experts, and vote of selection participants allocated her as an obvious leader. I am very happy that we managed to realize our idea, and became active participants of the Foundation`s noble cause. We hope that Dariya will justify hopes of graduates and Foundation. I sincerely believe that when you help people, the world becomes better. And I want to wish new scholars to improve yourselves and become better, strive for new knowledge and always think about the Foundation with the help of which all this became possible!”

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