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Winners of “Get Metier!” Program 2016


Malika graduated from Special Correctional Boarding School № 9 for children with severe speech disorders in Almaty. Malika is the youngest in the family, but despite this, she is not spoiled by the excessive attention of adults. From many peers, Malika is distinguished by determination, poise and a desire to learn new things. During her studies, she actively participated in events and more than once defended the honor of her native school in creative competitions. Malika has a good memory and logical abilities, enjoys authority among friends and knows how to work in a team. She soberly assesses her capabilities and understands the importance of education. Malika is a creative person: she likes to draw, in her free time she dances as part of the “Ninth Planet”  group, plays dombyra, likes to cook. Her last hobby surpassed the limits of a simple hobby – Malika wants to become a professional pastry chef and in the future wants to open her own mini-shop for making sweets. Already, she spoils the household with a variety of pastries, paying particular attention to shaping her dishes.



Maria was born and raised in Almaty, graduated from Special Correctional Boarding School № 9 for children with severe speech impairment. Maria can easily be called the pride of her family and school. In studies, she is a diligent student, she loves to draw, do crafts and dance. Friends and acquaintances know her as a friendly, responsive and cheerful girl with a great sense of humor. Climbing, which her father carried away in order to improve his health, was at first a simple hobby. Subsequently, it grew to a professional scale and today Maria is a member of the national team of Kazakhstan in sports climbing, a candidate for master of sports in climbing, has 16 diplomas in various sports disciplines, and has represented Kazakhstan in Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Austria, and Norway. Sport helped her develop endurance, patience, desire for victory and strengthened her inner core. Maria wants to master the profession of dentist and help people make their lives brighter, giving them a snow-white smile.

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