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Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation’s Fellows Honoring Ceremony 2019


On September 5, 2019, the Foundation honored the winners of the 2019 Educational Grant Programs. Each year, the Foundation’s community is replenished with new faces and this year nine people from the cities of Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Petropavlovsk, Saryagash and Taraz became part of our family. The guys shared their impressions about the selection, the languid expectation of the results of the competition, indescribable joy, when they received letters about the final decision of the competition committee, told about the first days of the students and met with the older “generation” of the Foundation scholars. Fellows were awarded souvenirs with the attributes of the Fund and bank cards with a pleasant surprise – the first scholarship.

This year, the Fund honored five graduates of schools and colleges who successfully passed the competitive selection of the «BesTіrek» Program of the Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation and got the opportunity to study at one of the leading universities in the city, Almaty Management University. Over the course of four years, children will receive knowledge on two components of the Program – major, basic education in the specialties of «marketing» and «management», as well as minor, an additional module of the program, «entrepreneurship», which will help them polish the skills necessary for the entrepreneur.

Batyrbekova Zhaina graduated from school number 36 in the city of Nur-Sultan. This energetic girl from childhood feels the desire to be the first in herself, and therefore it is important for her to progress and take steps forward. A strong feature of her character is energy, confidence in success and lack of fear of something new and complex. Zhaina earned her first money in high school, working in the agency for organizing children’s parties as a photo and video operator.

Duisenhan Medet – graduate of the MAB College, specialty «accounting and auditing». Medet is among the proactive people who know how to translate dreams into plans, and knowledge into skills. From childhood, he was accompanied by the feeling that he would certainly become an outstanding person and saw himself on the big stage. The inner confidence that he will have his own business has become a tangible business – he opened his own school of playing the guitar, without starting funds.

Ismailov Kenzhebek comes from the city of Saryagash of the Turkestan region. He graduated from school number 99 with the sign «Altyn belgi». Kenzhebek knows how to connect theory with practice, has an idea of what needs to be developed in himself and directs his efforts in the right direction. Kenzhebek believes that entrepreneurship is the hope for a better life, and time is the most valuable resource. He earned his first money when he was 12 years old and grew up with an understanding of what labor is.

Mutalkhan Rakhat was born and raised in the city of Taraz, graduated from the Zhambyl Innovation College (KTL), specializing in translation. He gained his first business experience while still in college – he opened the Rake’s sweets confectionery, founded the marketing agency «PRme» and the «Up&Up Academy» educational center, which during its short existence helped more than 80 children from low-income families to gain knowledge on the basics of marketing creating business projects and marketing. Also is the founder.

Sharip Daniya – a resident of the city of Petropavlovsk. She graduated from the Lyceum School at the Freight One named after M. Zhumabaev, Petropavlovsk. Victories strengthen her faith in achieving even greater goals, and through defeats give her the opportunity to see new opportunities. She earned her first money at the age of 14, and collaborated with event agencies. Daniya wants to create a waste recycling business in its region. She plans to direct her hobby for video shooting into a serious direction.

The Foundation also honored the winners of the Get a Craft program. This year, four people became grant holders: three of them received Foundation grants, and one grant was instituted from the Alumni Club to a graduate of a special boarding school number 4 named after N. Ostrovsky in Almaty, Allayarova Aykorkem. Aykorkem is the second scholarship holder of the Foundation, which receives education thanks to the Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation Alumni Club. She will master management skills at MAB College through charitable donations from Foundation graduates. Aykorkem is inspired by the examples of successful people such as Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie, Nick Vuychich. Aykorkem dreams of opening a development center for the children of his village, where they could learn leadership, learn foreign languages and etiquette.

Kanafin Damir graduated from a special boarding school number 2 in the city of Almaty. The close environment knows him as a person who easily finds a common language with his environment. Damir believes that printing and printing is a profitable area, and with the transition to the Latin alphabet, the rating of specialists in this field will increase. Damir chose the specialty “technician-technologist” and will master this profession at the Almaty College of Printing.

Riskilya Yani graduated from boarding school number 9 in the city of Almaty. A sense of humor helps him cope with life’s difficulties. Yani has an unusual hobby – bike tricks. He is not only surprised at his dexterity in managing the BMX, but can fix the problem on his own. “The mechanic.” I have a specialty “auto electrician” in order to become a high-class specialist and be a support to his mother.

The Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation thanks the Alumni Club for grant support, and wishes the scholarship holders great achievements and victories! Let any knowledge be given with ease, and the path to dreams and goals will always be open!

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