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The Eiffel Tower or how I studied in France


In February the weather in France is warm and a little bit windy, as well as in Almaty at this time, and also warmly and hospitably we were met by our French partners. No wonder they say that Frenchmen are lovely people: they like to kiss their guests on both cheeks very much. I arrived to Paris, and was convinced that it is really beautiful city, and I even remained alive – proverbs lie. Then more than once I had to be there and contemplate its sights there: Eiffel Tower, Chopin’s cemetery, the Triumphal Arch, Louvre, the well-known Notre Dame de Paris, also I have visited a flea market, the Chinese quarter, the coast of the Seine river and other.

My accepting university was located in Troyes, town which is situated in 100 kilometers to the east from Paris. The rector of university personally put first “brick” of “made in France” knowledge in students’ heads. Study process was easy for me – the knowledge of language and fundamental education in the native land made the business. We were trained in absolutely mixed groups, our team was a real “vinaigrette” from Spaniards, Chinese, French, Lebanese, Ukrainians, Russians, Norwegians, Finns and others therefore team working was very fascinating. There were only four Kazakh people, but we proudly carried the mission assigned to us, breaking stereotypes that we still live in yurtas. To say that the study process there is very cool means to tell nothing. Educational base is really strong, but Kazakhstan is a good competitor! My supervision showed that the French technique offers more practical material, than ours, but still it doesn’t give big advantage to a choice of the strongest one.

The trip to France cost the money left there. While being there I understood what is necessary for our market, our consumer. I have arrived with new ideas, took part in the program of social projects from Coca-Cola company and won a grant on 350 000 tenge with the project on realization of the children’s drawings. I am proud of the fact that my efforts invested in project were justified. The trip also took place thanks to my efforts, motivation and support from Fund and my trustees. I thank all for this amazing opportunity!

Albert Vorontsov

Foundation scholar 2012

4th year student of Almaty Management University

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